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Cordwalles chosen as a filming location June 2017

Cordwalles was delighted to be chosen as a film location for an ITV drama, which includes actors John Simm and Adrian Lester. John Simm, of ‘Dr. Who’ fame, was playing the part a father bringing his two children to school, so these young actors were also part of the filming. The crew even changed the name of the school to ‘Wembley Park Primary School’ for the day! The children were very interested in hearing about the crew and seeing the filming equipment on the playground after school. Whilst we were not part of the filming, we were pleased to be able to offer our front playground as a location!


Royal Albert Hall - Autumn 2015


We had an amazing whole school trip to the Royal Albert Hall. We all took a lunch and had a picnic in Regents Park, going on an amazing nature walk. We saw a parrot (yes, really), ducks, swans, squirrels and lots of other birds. The Peter Pan memorial was beautiful. By far the best thing though was being in the Royal Albert Hall with lots of other schools. We heard lots of different types of music and sang songs together. 


Groundforce Day - Spring 2016

Groundforce Day  Cordwalles Gardening club 1200

We are looking to develop our grounds and be able to grow some fruit and vegetables ourselves so we organised a groundforce day. Some of our parents came and helped us dig out some very old vegetable beds. There were lots of weeds! We also dug out a very old, disused compost heap and found lots of frogs and toads were hibernating in there. We set them free in the pond and are looking forward to seeing if we have lots of tadpoles in the spring.

Our stunning library

Our library was redecorated in Summer 2014 into an enchanted forest. It has grass on the floor, a waterfall and birds sing in it all day long. It is a brilliant place to get lost in a book. Luckily there are lots of big squashy cushions everywhere which look like enormous pebbles for us to lie on. Reading is so much fun.


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listed as one of the Guardian's School of the Future

Schools of the Future  IMG_3121

Engaging Displays

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Apart from the amazing classrooms that change their appearance every term we also have other displays throughout the school which show off the incredible work that our children do or encourage us all to think a little bit.

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