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Learning at Cordwalles Junior School


  • Ensure that every child is known, treated as an individual and has the best possible chance to succeed and achieve
  • Make learning exciting, enjoyable, relevant and appropriately challenging to build upon what learners already know
  • Plan learning experiences that promote self-esteem, independence, perseverance, self-discipline and a lifelong love of           learning
  • Ensure children feel safe and secure within a caring environment based on mutual respect where everyone is valued and is able to maximise their individual potential
  • Ensure all children are involved as partners in their learning and develop the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community; developing an awareness of economic well-being
  • Ensure every child is given spiritual and moral guidance and the opportunity to make informed healthy life choices
  • Make parents, guardians and carers and the community aware of the roles they play in children’s learning and actively  welcome their involvement in the life of the school
  • Be welcoming, supportive and approachable to all

Our creative, connected curriculum at Cordwalles Junior School is based on the National Curriculum, with the following amongst its aims:

Interconnected knowledge and skills for lifelong learning - linking learning across the subjects, breaking down barriers and developing common sets of learning skills.

Knowing, showing and celebrating success - helping learners recognise the progress they are making through on-going review and reflections.  Collating the broad range of evidence and measures of success.

Creating memorable learning experiences - planned and sudden learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.

At the heart of this are our pupils, who are:

Successful learners - who enjoy learning, making progress and achieving

Confident individuals - who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Responsible citizens - who make a positive contribution to society

This is achievable through personalising our curriculum to reflect the uniqueness of our school, and our community.

All subject progression skills reports below:

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