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Hindleap Warren Feb 2017

Year 6  Away Activities —Hindleap Warren

“In the evening on the first night we had a self-lead night walk and Miss Leah read a story called Hindleap Warren Witch, it scared most of us. As the story was read we were sat next to a tree with faces on which made us more scared.

On our second day Forest Adventure was our first activity. It included a lot of mud and water in our wellies. Kyan was crawling through the stream and getting very muddy and wet. During Forest Adventure, Mr Bennett was putting mud on everyone’s faces, we all looked like ninjas. Then THE POOL OF LIFE, which is a massive muddy puddle, we had to jump into we all got wellies full of water.

In our groups we did pool canoeing, in Miss Leah’s group the instructor picked Ella and Chloe as a demonstration of how to get into the kayak and fall out of it, Ella and Chloe got into the kayak and the instructor told them to lean to the left to fall out, instead the instructor put his hands underneath the kayak and flipped Ella and Chloe over. Everyone laughed at us.

On the second night we had a night swim it was so fun. Mr Bennett was splashing us. It was very calming to have a swim before we watched a film for the night.”

By Ella and Sanjida, Year 6