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Year 3's Ancient Egyptian Antics!

In Year 3 they have been learning about the Egyptians and their very strange lifestyles!  The children have become experts on how they used to mummify people, and everything involved with preserving the body.  They have learnt the art of Egyptian dance, performing them to each other in class.  They have even had a slightly spooky visit from an Egyptian pharaoh!

Last week, the children made Egyptian clay pots.  They spent three weeks looking at different designs and patterns that they could include in their own ideas.  Then they practiced drawing some detailed patterns and various shapes of pots, vases, and jars.  Canopic jars were our favourite to draw as they all had different animal heads!  After they had designed their pot, they finally got to make it!  It took them all day to carefully sculpt their vase, making sure they blended the layers together, so it didn't fall apart.  There were some fantastic creations and they had so much fun, even if they did get a little bit messy!