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Year 4's excellent start to the new school year!

Year 4 have been learning about the Shang Dynasty.  The children have really enjoyed learning about this time in history and even practised some Chinese writing!  So far they have written a newspaper report about Mulan and some beautiful poetry based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright.  They have also been getting very creative and carving out Asian-inspired artwork on old (washed) pizza bases.  As you can see, they are amazing and are currently decorating their classrooms!

In Science, the children have been studying the digestive system.  They recreated the process of eating bananas and crackers, they mashed it all up to represent the teeth chewing the food.  Then they added water to represent saliva and added orange juice for stomach acid (breaking down the food).  Then they pushed the mixture through a stocking to represent the small and large intestine and squeezed it all through.  We showed how the body absorbed all the goodness, and then the waste product came out (as faeces).  There was a lot of squealing and laughing as we recreated this fascinating process.

Year 4 certainly have had a very creative and exciting start to the school year!