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Year 3 Plant Runner Beans

Year 3 planted their Runner Beans at the end of the first week of term and have been making sure they take extra good care of them over the last two weeks.  As a class they have put together an experiment to see what the perfect conditions are for a plant to grow.  They have 4 seeds:
  • Seed 1 is getting no water but sunlight
  • Seed 2 is getting no sunlight but water
  • Seed 3 is getting no water or sunlight
  • Seed 4 is getting both water and sunlight.

The children have predicted that Seed 4 will grow the best because they know it needs the water and nutrients from the soil to grow strong and sunlight to change into food.  They were very surprised when they checked on the seeds this week to find out that Seed 2 has been growing!  The children think this is happening because it is searching for sunlight.  Seed 4 has started to grow too and is looking very healthy.

They have been watering their plants every day and talking to them when they walk past them on the windowsill at break and lunch.  It has been so exciting coming in every day and seeing how much they have grown over night.  Everyone's bean has now started growing so soon the classroom will be overrun with runner beans!  They can't wait to see what they look like at the end of term!