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From a seed of an idea to a Museum at Cordwalles Junior School

You know when you have an idea and then it grows.  Well that is exactly what happened to an idea Mrs De'ath had to bring the experience of seeing items first hand for Year 4, to setting out a whole ‘museum’ in the Studio at Cordwalles.

Mrs De'ath loves history and has collected items over the years, plus a few replicas from friends from the Roman and Viking period.  Mrs De'ath's father was evacuated in WWII, and kept many items from that time.  With these items and more from other members of staff, Mrs De'ath and Miss Cross set about planning an exhibition with all the eras that were being covered this summer term.

With the help of lots of members of staff, they made an Anderson shelter out of cardboard, created a Viking ship, made a Toga and gained some prints of Tudor documents from the Surrey History Centre.  They even have an option to display some of the work in their museum in Woking.

We had posters made, tickets printed and booklets for the children to work on.  This all created a buzz and the children were really looking forward to it.

Then the day came.  Year by year, the children visited.  They loved it!  There were whispers of “Mrs De’ath, Mrs De’ath in the hall and around the school and when she turned, the children would thank her.  Just to know that she had inspired children to ask more, to want to visit a real museum, or just to love learning about history and how we know about it.

The only regret was that parents and the infant schools could not visit due to Covid restrictions.  There are plenty of photos though.  Maybe Mrs De'ath has inspired some future Historians.

     Museum - Roman Times     Museum - Instagram Year 6     IMG_1657     Museum - Roman Year 5     Museum - Tudor period