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What does a Governor do?

Every school has a governing body whose members are from both inside the school: staff and parents, and outside the school: Community. We work together with the Headteacher and staff to improve the school.

What do governors do?

We take a strategic view and plan for the future

We are accountable for what happens at school

We act as a critical friend, supporting the school in an objective way

We act as one body and are responsible as a group of people

We make decisions about how to spend our budget

We visit classrooms and talk to the children in our school

We meet as a Full Governing Body once every term

We attend committee meetings – all governors work on at least one committee and meet every half term.

We have two committees:

At Standards we discuss:

- pupil progress

- curriculum – how to make it broad and balanced

- how we can make learning better for all children

- how we can find out what parents think about the school

- how we can find out what children think about the school

At Operations we discuss:

- health & safety

- premises

- finance

- personnel

- what we need to make the school better

Each year we also help to write the School Development Plan (SDP), which will then give the school priorities for the next year. We monitor those priorities during the year.

The annual budget is approved by governors. Most of the budget is spent on our best resource, our staff. Other expenditure is on energy, services and supplies.

We also ensure that the school’s Devolved Formula Capital, another source of funds, is spent on the building and ICT (information, communication technology) equipment. The money spent is all connected to SDP priorities.

Governors also ensure that policies are written to comply with statutory regulations and to reflect the good practice in school.

Governors visit the school to see what happens in the classroom and talk to the children. We can only make good decisions for the future if we see the school at work.

If you would like to find out more, ask a governor, or contact Jane Smith, the Chair of Governors via the school