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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Mrs De'ath

Miss Edwards


Our creative curriculum is bespoke to meet our pupils’ needs.  Social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning is embedded throughout our curriculum.  Our creative curriculum provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high-quality learning and wider personal development by focusing on skills for learning.  It is a curriculum with overall breadth and balance which provides pupils with their full entitlement.

The Year 4 curriculum has been developed to ensure that our pupils benefit from a highly coherent and relevant curriculum which promotes outstanding outcomes.  The creative curriculum is planned around units which are designed to begin and end with a ‘WOW’.  They provide opportunities for pupils to practice and develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills in a range of challenging circumstances.  The links between subjects are strong and explicit.

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During the academic year your child will have homework each week.  This is intended to help them consolidate the learning that takes place during lesson time.  It is important then that you allow your children time at home to complete these tasks and where you can talk to your child to ensure they understand the importance of them.

We also have a high regard at school for reading books.  All children have the opportunity to take a reading book home so please ensure that your child reads as much as they can.  One way of ensuring this is to get your child to read aloud to you each evening or on the weekend.