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6T Miss Tagg

Welcome to 6T’s class page!

This is a really important year for the children and they have made a very positive start to their learning, in preparation for SATS.  We have agreed as a class that hard work, manners and respect underpin everything that we will do and that we will always strive to do our best and be kind (teachers and children alike).

In maths, we are learning about a number of different units.  The children have already shown themselves to have excellent knowledge and understanding of key mathematical terms and skills.  We practising both arithmetic and reasoning skills in lessons and in early morning work every week and the children are showing much more confidence with this!

During our English lessons, we will be learning about dual narratives, biographies and persuasive writing.  The children have wonderful imaginations and we have been having a great time in English lessons being creative with writing and showing progress in knowledge and understanding of grammar.

In Science this term, we are learning about ‘Animals including humans’.  This means we will focus on the human circulatory system, the digestive system and leading healthy lifestyles.  Be sure to ask the children to explain to you how the heart pumps blood around the body and what the functions of the blood components are.  We continue to use the Phiz Lab for practical lessons though only one class will be allowed to visit the Phiz Lab on any given day, which will allow for a deep clean to happen after school.

Our focus in History for this term is Victorians.  We have been learning about inventions, children’s lives and the monarchy during Queen Victoria’s reign.  During our stunning start, we created Victorian toys and a large scale picture of Queen Victoria as all classrooms would have displayed one themselves in that era.  We have found family trees to be fascinating and have followed our current Queen Elizabeth’s family tree all the way back to Queen Victoria.  Later on this term, we will be learning about school in Victorian England.

Please remember that all children now have to come to school wearing their PE kit on days that they have PE/Games. They are to remain in their PE kit all day.  In Year 6, PE/Games are on Tuesday and Thursday.

Reading records, at the moment, are to remain in school.  This will be signed by your child(ren) when reading is undertaken during the school day.  Reading books will be sent home, as soon as possible, in line with current guidance.  Thank you for continuing to read at home.

All homework for the whole half term has been handed out in a bright blue cardboard folder.  This is to ensure that there is time for worksheets to be quarantined both at home and school.  Please refer to the homework overview that has been included in the pack to see which pieces are allocated to each week and which Monday they are due in.  If you have any further questions about homework, please ask!

Currently there can be no whole school assemblies at all (including class assemblies) so all assemblies are classroom based.

We are very proud of what the children in 6T have achieved already and look forward to celebrating their successes with them throughout the year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to arrange an appointment to talk to me on the phone (until restrictions are lifted).

Miss Tagg, Mrs McConnell and Miss Cook