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Mathematics at Cordwalles Junior School

Welcome to our Maths page!


At Cordwalles Junior School we believe maths is an integral part of developing and enriching a child’s understanding of the world around them.  It is a subject which equips all learners with real life practical skills, enabling them to reason logically, solve problems and give them the ability to think in abstract ways. We always look for opportunities for drawing mathematical experiences out of a wide range of children’s activities, from recording the growth of a plant, measuring the bounce of a ball, to collecting data, as well as teach basic numeracy skills.


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Learning Links

Please follow the links to explore some of the excellent ways your child can be supported in developing their mathematical understanding.


All pupils at Cordwalles have their own Mathletics log-in which they can also access at home. The website allows children to practice all areas of maths and play against other children.

BBC Bitesize:

The BBC website covers all areas of maths using a mixture of quizzes, games and information pages

Top Marks Maths Games:

Woodlands Junior Maths Zone:

Maths Zone:


Other websites you can choose to freely sign up as parents include:

Sum dog:

Manga High: