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Computing at Cordwalles

At Cordwalles, we offer a broad and balanced Computing curriculum which interlinks with the rest of our creative curriculum. Children are offered the opportunity to develop their computational thinking skills and become resilient and independent problem solvers through the Computer Science strand of the curriculum. We also develop children to become digitally literate - making use of technology to support, improve and further their learning experiences. Children also learn how to be responsible Digital Citizens - using technology responsibly, understanding the risks and knowing how to navigate the online world safely and positively. 

We also run an extra-curricular Coding Club using materials from Code Club. This provides children with opportunities to use a variety of tools and projects to develop their computational thinking and coding skills.


Recommended Computer Science Links: - the base program of many of our Computer Science projects. A great introduction to programming using ‘visual’ coding blocks. - a series of programming challenges starting with visual ‘block’ programming up to more complex text based programming. - a range of activities to help develop programming skills.


Please also see the E-Safety page for links to help your child(ren) stay safe online.