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Science Home Learning

Science Support for families during school closures:

PSTT is working with other organisations to put resource ideas together to support families and schools with things to do at home.  Please click the link below:

Science Fun at Home (1) Ice                                                       Science at Work (2) Doctors
Science Fun at Home (2) Spinner
Science Fun at Home (3) Egg
Science Fun at Home (4) Sink or Swim
Science Fun at Home (5) Spider Safari (only access/attempt if child does not have a phobia of spiders!)
Science Fun at Home (6) Gases
Science Fun at Home (7) Musical Science
Science Fun at Home (8) Watery Science
Science Fun at Home (9) Salty Science
Science Fun at Home (10) Scavenger Science

Astromaths Explored
Cornflour Gloop and Fizzy Potions
Developing Creativity and Abstraction in Representing Data
Fibonacci, Flowers and the Golden Number
Making Links between Maths and Science
Mathematics through experience
Pattern Seeking
Proportion, Ratio and Scale
Real-life Maths and Science
Science and Maths = a better understanding of Science
In the Zone:  Heart Beaters

Additional Investigations

The focus will be on providing suggestions about activities that are:

• very clear and simple, and that use general household resources
• accessible and manageable for all families
• fun for children and families to do
• linked to follow up activities

Others ways you can support parents/carers to do science at home with their children:

  • Explorify  If you are not familiar with Explorify it is a free and excellent resource that is produced by The Wellcome Trust.  You do not have to be a Teacher to register to use it.  Parents could do one Explorify activity a day with their children.  Remind them to mark each activity that they do as 'done' to unlock more activities.
  • Reach Out Reporter,  Reach Out Reporter is a free weekly science news programme for primary aged children.  Parents could watch it each week with their children.  The website has lots of suggestions for how to use the news bulletins to spark science conversations.

Other really good websites to share with parents are:

Online resources for schools to support learning at home from TTS

TTS-group has created a curriculum-focused independent learning resource with over 40 home learning activities all planned and all prepared.  They are free to download and can be printed and shared with the children or sent electronically.  The resource:

•  is created for teachers by teachers
•  includes activities for all curriculum areas
•  is easy to use with all tasks explained clearly
•  helps to revise and embed curriculum learning at home
•  is mobile friendly